Another sneak peek!

So, for those of you who haven't heard of Gossamer Dreams
here is a little info to fill you in:

Gossamer Dreams is a collective of work at home mums who make!

Every month has a different theme and all items are made from the artist's interpretation of that theme.

The online store is open once a month on the 15th (you can preview the night before) for 24 hours only.

Want to know more? You can sign up for the newsletter at the store. 

You can have a look at the blog here.

The Gossamer Dreams facebook page is here.

I'll be back with even more sneaky peeks :)


Rainbow Made said...

Looking sweet Kel!

Nell said...

Those shoes are just tooo cute!!!

quilary said...

Those little booties make me wish I had a little baby around to wear them...they are so very, very cute.

Imogen Eve said...

Gossamer dreams sounds like such a lovely fun idea. What a wonderful concept to be part of.

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