A good week with generous people

I was the lucky winner of Hilary's giveaway recently and received the parcel today. Some beautiful charm squares for small projects.

And this I really love.

A gorgeous sewing kit, just look at the inside. It has a scissors keep, pin cushion, needle keeper and zippered pouch for extras.
Trust me Hilary, this will be very well used!

I also received not one but 2 boxes of Seton books from a virtual stranger. These books are worth so much money and are in great condition. They also happen to suit the level my son is at. I've always wanted to try quality Catholic curriculum but the cost has always been something that restricted me, so these books are truly the answer to my prayers.

I would like to say thank you and God bless all you generous people out there :)


Forest-Dweller said...

Congratulations on being the winner...I know you will put it to good use...I cant wait to see what you will make. Don't you just love a box of books!

quilary said...

I'm really glad you love it! It's always a pleasure making something that I know will be well used and well loved!
...and I love your new blog header!!!

baukje said...

You are a lucky and I am sure you are worth all those presents....

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