Thank you God for...

I'm going to try to post my thanksgiving here every Friday and would love for you to join in. My purpose in doing this is to remind myself of all the good in my life and to acknowledge that I owe all of this goodness to our Creator. I notice a lot of people say "Thank God it's Friday", so Friday it is!

I'm not so great at maintaining what I start but if some of you join in perhaps I will be motivated.
You can post as many or as little thank you's as you like, with or without photos. Then simply link up your blog post with Mr Linky so we can read your thank you's!

Thank you God for.....

- A renewed motivation to encourage the children in their art and craft pursuits.

- The return of my voice! I really missed singing while I was sick and it feels wonderful to be on the mend.

- Giving me the rare luxury of starting my day with a brisk walk.

- Surrounding me with the encouragement I need at this time to organise my home and my life.

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