Sewing for the girls

We had a 6th birthday here last week so some pretty sewing was in order. First up - a tee shirt dress adapted from Ottobre 303 Creative Workshop pattern. The pattern and fabrics are from the Crafty Mamas shop.

Little sisters are allowed to get birthday presents even if it's not their birthday! (Or so I'm told)
I used the Ottobre pattern again, this time as a simple tee with contrast sleeves and neckband. 

The birthday dress. To cut a long story short, I used a Sis Boom pattern from the book and was very disappointed with the baggy and ill fitting results. Before throwing the towel in and cutting it up to salvage the special fabric (recognise the skirt fabric Carol?) I decided to totally wing it and try a major fix.

I took the dress in at the sides, added a pleat to the front, added binding to the skirt and eliminated some of the waist bagginess and bulk. Bingo! I have alteration skills I didn't even know I had!

The dress is treasured, and I mean treasured. You know the coolest part? My husband took the birthday girl on a trip to the coast and he said so many people stopped them in the street to admire the dress and her hair accessories (also Mama made). Hearing that really made my day!

I made this hair barrette by deconstructing a faux flower, sewing it back together, adding a button and hot glueing it all to a metal barrette. Very simple, very pretty.

For this one I wrapped a cheap plastic headband in cheap gingham craft ribbon, then glued on the pre - purchased roses. 

If you'd like a tutorial for the hair accessories I'm happy to oblige - just ask!


Crafty Mama said...

Kel just beautiful!! Well done, on saving the dress- it is stunning.

Sandy said...

The dress looks lovely Kel, what a gorgeous birthday girl!

Marie said...

EVerything looks great. Excellent save on the dress. And yay on the comments, the flower clips are adorable.

Therese said...

Happy birthday to your daughter. The dress is gorgeous.

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