Craft studio clean up!

Aren't I cheeky, calling it my studio when in reality it's a table in the corner of the room. Still, it's my creative space and I'm grateful for it.
So, my space had gotten messy to the point of me being unable to sit down at the table without feeling overwhelmed and totally creatively stifled. Take a look for yourself!

Oh, the clutter!

How could I let it get so bad?!




See that? Clear space on the table!

A $35 set of plastic drawers from the Reject shop has helped immensely.

I even have things on display now.

Some cheap but pretty gift boxes (also from the Reject shop) now house my hand embroidery stuff.

This is my new "currently working on" basket.

And to top off the thrill of a clean space these fabrics arrived from Carol today. Carol makes exceptionally lovely cushions, quilts etc in the shabby chic style for her business Antique Rose Designs.

Now I feel really inspired, thank you for these beautiful fabrics Carol!

Not only do I feel fresh and inspired, I've realised how much craft stuff I have that hasn't been used yet. Gets me thinking.

How about you? Have I inspired you to do a little reorganising in your craft space? It's so well worth the effort!


Linda said...

Your studio looks beautiful

Tas said...

Bravo, Kel.

My crafting mess spans 3 rooms and way too much stuff for the space so I despair at ever getting organised without destashng lol.

Nell said...

ooh, are they my hair flowers I see in the WIP basket?!? Must have been the weekend for it. I finished off a few things and purged some craft clutter from my sewing table too!
p.s. do you have the "Wildflower Embroidery" book by Annette Rich? I have one that is looking for a new home? Yours if you want it - consider it a pay it forward ;)

Anna Bartlett said...

You have inspired me to tidy up! I've even overtaken the dinner table with sewing so that we had to bring in a trestle table to eat dinner! I suspect the whole family would appreciate it if I tidied up! If only I could drag myself away from reading all these great blogs...

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