5 things I love about Mondays!

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1. My husband is home every Monday, so it's one of my favourite days of the week.

2. The beginning of a brand new week after a restful Sunday.

3. Mondays represent a little freedom for me. My husband can look after the children while I go out shopping (even grocery shopping is a luxury without having to take the children along!) or go to my embroidery class.

4. The children are happy. We don't do any formal schoolwork on Mondays so it's a relaxed and fun day for them. And of course, their number 1. Dad is home from work!

5. We get a lot done on Mondays. We try to do very little on Sundays and a lot on Mondays. Whether it's a family outing, home renovation, gardening or catching up on paying bills, it feels very productive. Getting things done at the start of the week helps me to prepare for the week of educating ahead so that I can focus as much as possible on the children and not stress too much about "everything else".

What are your Mondays like? Do you have any particular routines or rituals? Tell me, I'd love to know!


Linda said...

Your Mondays sound lovely!
xo xo

Nell said...

Oh your Mondays sound blissful. I am unfortunately like the song - I don't like Mondays. by Monday morning the house is trashed (from the weekend) there is no meat for lunches and the bread is stale or eaten. Little people always resist getting ready on Monday mornings and Monday tends to be clean house, change sheets, tackle Mt Washmore day and you know how much I like to clean ;)
I like Fridays and lazy Sundays!

Marie said...

Mondays we are trying to get back in the swing of things with early mornings up and out of bed, trying to leave the house as early as possible so that I can start another part week of work. We are usually energise by the cleaner and organised house, maybe with some baked items in our lunchboxes.

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