My Creative Space

Every now and then I'm seized with songwriting inspiration and go for it. One of the reasons I don't write much anymore is I find it hard to deal with interruptions from the children and lose the flow. One day I'll actually get around to recording something for you all!

My husband's workplace is soon having a handmade homegrown auction to raise money for a very good cause so I think I'll make a couple of bags. I'm winging it with this one so hopefully it turns out OK!

To be teamed with the Maisy quilt I've been working on this wool felt design for a matching cushion. The quilt has stalled because I'm in need of some flannel for the backing. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a bit of hand embroidery on the quilt, which is looking pretty good even to my too harsh on myself eyes.

Grab some inspiration from these other creative spaces. and have a most wonderful day :)


Jill said...

Maisy looks gorgeous on her bike!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success

The Beetle Shack said...

what a wonderful bloggy you have here! thanks for visiting mine. I'm following you now! Really loving that background youve got :)

xo em

Tas said...

My daughter would grab and run off with that Maisie in a heartbeat! I would love to hear your voice some day, Kel.

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