Crafting for charity

I've heard many a time that the best way to help yourself out of a low period is to work for the benefit of others and I find it to be very true.
Over the weekend I've been busy sewing for a handmade auction at my husband's work for someone very much in need.

I'm very happy with this bag that I designed as I went along with a great deal of winging it! I went to Spotlight to buy handles, but when I saw the $15 price tag for a couple of bits of plastic I changed my mind and made a strap.

The bag is pleated (that took ages!) and has boxed corners, if that's what you call them.

Hobo bag from a commercial pattern.

Finished with a matching fabric covered button. I hope these bags raise some money for the auction.

I picked some lemons from our tree to make a small batch of lemon curd, I love it.

Thanks to all who commented on my last post, I so appreciate your positive support :)


CurlyPops said...

It's so true that crafting for charity certainly makes it all worthwhile!

Forest-Dweller said...

I bet you will fetch a good price for the charity. The bags and just lovely.
YUM! Home made lemon curd.

ladychiara said...

Your bags look just beautiful. I am sure they will fetch good prices.I love homemade lemon curd but have not ever made it before. It looks delicious!

JulieT said...

Yum I love lemon curd too and that bag is delightful So nice of you to make it for charity

softearthart said...

Lovely bag, and I also have not had lemon curd for years, cheers Marie

Nell said...

Good on you Kel! It does feel good to help someone else. The black and white bag looks sensational.
I have sworn off sewing this week. I sewed right through 2 fingers yesterday :(

The Handmaden said...

Oh Nell! Poor you, hope they're not too sore!!

quilary said...

Lovely work Kel!
Your 'wing it' bag is so clever.
Hope that you're feeling a bit better - I'm thinking of you and will pray for you that the "blechs" go away and stay away. Hugs.

baukje said...

The bags are beautiful. And I love lemoncurd!!!!

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