Maybe it's the cold and wet weather. Could be the $1000+ worth of unpaid bills stuck to our fridge or the specific time of the month, the complete lack of inspiration or dwelling on hurt from the past. The zero sales that I've had these past months. Whatever it is - whyever it is I wish it would go away and leave me alone because I don't like it!

I have too many good things in my life to ever feel down about, yet it still happens and I can't shake it. It goes away eventually. But then it returns. Sigh.

How about I just show you a couple of things I've made lately that have made me happy?

Simplicity 9464 - a thrifted pattern from ages ago. The top fabric (don't know what it is - lets call is voile) was given to me by a relative who didn't want it. So this pretty dress cost only a few dollars for the lining fabric which I already had. Wonderful, and she loves it :)

The girls and I were mucking around with polymer clay the other day and I made this little bear. Very simple, baked, coated with varnish and that's it!

Hopefully I'll be over my whatever thing in a few days and come back with some positive and inspiring stuff. If you're feeling a little down my mission for today is to pray for you!

God bless.


softearthart said...

Hi, Sometimes these times happen, I am happy to give you a "Shout out on my blog" cheers Marie

Nell said...

It must just be the day for it Kel - I am feeling the same way. I have put a big roast in the oven and am about to light a special candle and put on some favourite music to shake the blues away. Thinking of you and sending hugs!

Tas said...

I have those days occasionally too. Sometimes they are shades of grey. Sometimes blacker. Sometimes those days become a week. I hope that you are feeling brighter very, very soon, Kel.

Nic Wood said...

hugs to you Kel, hope everything is looking better for you soon. Im sure that as you are offering up prayers of strenth for others in need, there are those of us praying for you as well.

Nic xxx

softearthart said...

Hi, Just made a wee blog post about your cool shop, Love and light, Marie

Sandy said...

Hey Kel. Hang in there, hope the blerghs go away very soon. xoxo

m.e (Cathie) said...

hey Kel, hope you are feeling better.
i get alot of blehh days, it happens unfortunately.
good to see you are being positive about other things that make you happy.

i wish you a wonderful week with lots of smiles and no more bills in the letterbox.

love that little bear by the way ♥

Karen said...

I totally get what you mean - the bills thing is overwhelming us too - they seem never-ending at the moment, you get through one pile and more arrive.
I hope you feel better soon - look at your ace kids and be proud of then and what you achieve through being a great mum!
I hope you feel better soon.

Monika said...

like me you seem to love all crafts :) Great blog

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