The Invisible World

I love being asked to review books on my blog but I do have a strict policy that I adhere to: if I don't like the book then I don't review it - I would rather not complete the review than do the author the disservice of giving a bad review.

I was thrilled when Anthony Destefano sent me a copy of his latest book to review but also a little apprehensive because although I have read his marvellous children's literature I had not yet ventured into his adult books.

No fear - I loved the book. It is one of those hard to put down, "wish I had a free day or two to just read this" books.

The Invisible World: Understanding Angels, Demons, and the Spiritual Realities That Surround Us
                                                                                   Image from Amazon

To give an overview, Anthony writes about the unseen world around us - delving into angels, devils and spirits, but it goes much deeper than that. I found the book to be highly intelligent and multi angled.

 Anthony's writing style is personal, but in a brotherly way rather than a distant authoritarian way.
It is pointed, yet not heavy, so an excellent read for a busy Mum like me.

I found the content easy to understand - no new concepts for me but a reiteration of known and some forgotten facts.

The Invisible World would appeal to Christians of all denominations, but also those who are interested in Christianity, death and eternity.

What I have received from reading this book is a reignition of some areas of my faith that had been overlooked and perhaps gone a little cold over time. I've been reminded of invisible forces that shape who I am and what I do.

The final verdict - highly recommended!


The Beetle Shack said...

mmm sounds very interesting, I'll have to hunt down a copy

xo em

Margaret said...

Does sound interesting hope the library has or is going to get it in.

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