I like teapots. I like them for their aesthetic and practical applications. When my mother died I received a small teapot of hers which set me on the path of freshly brewed tea. Unfortunately that teapot that gave me many years of piping hot cuppas was accidentally broken recently and I've been on the search for a replacement ever since.

All images courtesy of wikimedia commons

There are 2 problems : price and function. Either they are too pricey or they leak, clog, or do something else that is really annoying.


If you have any teapot recommendations please do enlighten me, I can't take the teabags much longer!


m.e (Cathie) said...

i know what you mean! I sometimes buy teapots from he op shop but then again accidents happen or cracks but because they are only a few $ I don't mind.
what I use every morning is this one


it seems a bit pricey but it is cafe quality & i just pop it in the dishwasher & it's fine. it's perfect for a one cup.
goodluck choosing!

The Handmaden said...

Thank you Cathie, they look great :)

Tas said...

I am fussy about my tea. It has to be hot, strong, with a smidge of milk and the right amount of sugar. But I admit that I am OK with tea bags...

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