Rip or snip?

Hi all! I'm back from a wonderful Easter with a little gripe. Now, perhaps I'm a little bit precious when it comes to fabric but considering I don't buy beautiful new fabric all that often maybe I'm justified.
I hate it when the sales assistant rips the fabric instead of cutting! There, I've said it - I positively cringe when I see my newly purchased fabric being torn.


How messy is that?!
Most of my internet purchases have arrived perfectly cut, folded, pressed and packaged - even tied with ribbon sometimes - love it!

What do you think? Does ripping stretch or otherwise damage the fabric in anyway? Have you ever asked a sales person not to rip?

BTW, these fabrics are part of my design for Vic's cushion swap - more details later!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I have asked a lasy in spotlight one day not to rip the fabric. I have done it myself at home when tearing up something for rags and it foes distort the fabric. Why pay that much for fabric and have it ripped!

I agree most purchases come nicely cut and packaged. I like to get a jelly roll cut with pinking shears. A friend of mine got one that was fraying like mad and when you have small strips that makes a big difference. I would not buy from the that site after I saw the way it had been cut and packaged. Look maybe I am just fussy but I don't spend a lot of money on fabric if I can and when I do I like it to look and feel special.

Whew, thanks Kel for letting me get that off my chest LOL.

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I don't go back to shops that rip. Even as a dressmaker knowing that ripping will find the straight of grain I do not want to buy fabric that is ripped especially patchwork fabric. If I want to find the straight of grain I'll pull a thread!

Tanya said...

I haven't bought fabric that's been ripped for a really long time- I think I would get a bit of a shock if they started ripping. I don't know about the technical bit!

Tas said...

I know that it should follow the grain to rip it but it also puckers it and is horrible. Tsk tsk to ripping!

willow and moo said...

The thing with ripping is that if it is done right, it should go with the grain. The problem is that it distorts the fabric along that edge. I routinely rip here when I need lengths of fabric off of the roll. I get a much straighter edge with silk because it slips so much.

Your fabric doesn't even look ripped. It looks like it's been hacked and that would seriously annoy me.

I'm actually ok with fabric being ripped if they've added a tiny bit to compensate for the edge being distorted, but for me it really depends on the fabric. Things like quilting fabrics on a bolt are actually very easy to cut with a rotary cutter and mat, so I'd expect them to be cut that way.

Marie said...

You know, I agree with Sara. You fabric looks hacked, like they used blunt scissors.

Maybe it is the dressmaker in me and not being a quilter, but I would prefer my fabrics ripped. Well, some of my fabric. I hate getting chewed up, diagonal cut pieces of fabric.

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