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I watched this documentary with my husband lastnight. Wow! It was excellent. Narrated by Martin Luther King's niece, Dr. Alveda King, it takes you through the many historical and present day facets of the business of abortion. Although it is an American production it is totally relevant to any country that allows abortion.

There is so much information in this documentary but I found particularly the testimonies of a former abortion clinic owner and a former abortionist just so shocking and saddening. It also covers the very interesting facts about the specific targeting of African Americans. I wish everyone could see this movie. It's available on the Blood Money website and in Australia from various sources. 

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Ripsimeh said...

Hi, I finally got my computer to work so I could leave a comment. Following you now. A sad state of afair to me this abortions stuff. All there is to do is pray. Blessings Ripsimeh

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