Quilts and sugar paste

Not much doing here creatively. The Maisy quilt saga continues with me making use of my seam ripper and pulling all my work to pieces because I didn't like the "busy-ness" of my fabric choices. Now I'm playing safe with white sashing. Much better.

I'm focusing on indulging in another of my passions - baking and cake decorating. Perfect weather now that it's cooler and I like having the oven on.

I'm experimenting with sugar paste and am quite taken with Mich Turner's work, so lets see what I can do with Easter just around the corner.

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Thanks for dropping by!


Michelle said...

I think the white sashing will be great - really make the Maisy blocks stand out.

Have fun baking.

Very Verdant said...

Ah, stitch ripping...not one of my favorite things to do. I do think the white makes the Maisy blocks really pop. Good Call!

Forest-Dweller said...

Easter! OH I need to catch up!

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