Hand printing

I've been wanting to try screen printing for an awfully long time but haven't due to the cost of setting up. Last year I was really inspired after reading Lena Corwin's Printing by Hand and decided to give freezer paper a try. I didn't get far. I think my designs were to intricate for a beginner and my head wasn't in the right place.

Enter the new year and my new sense of trying to fulfill my creative inspirations! I've been very busy drawing designs, cutting (love you Xacto knife!) and experimenting with printing. I've been collecting a lot of folliage from the garden and various trees to take impressions from.

I bought some linen and will see what I can come up with!

There is something so special about hand printed fabric, don't you think?

And I completed my first ever cross stitch! It has now joined the pile of other stitcheries that live in hope of being framed one day.

Happy, sunshiney, creative day to you all!


Lotus said...

I've done the same thing! I have a pile of cross stitch and other needlework, waiting for framing. I especially intended to frame needlework that depicts my culture (Hawaiian). I don't think I can even find the pile now... buried somewhere in the garage, I'm sure... ; )

Love the prints! Leaves are always fun.

I also agree about ex-acto knives! I wouldn't be able to make my stamps!

Forest-Dweller said...

Great job! It is always fun to try something new. I have never tried screen printing before. I like how you pull from nature.
Like the Bear!
I like the sewing part of everything I do...then when it comes time to put it all together or frame it...I loose interest and have to force myself.

Kerri said...

I think they look great! You could repeat the design then dye over the top... Lots of potential there.

I've had my eye on that book. But I need another craft method to master like I need a hole in the head... heheheh.

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