Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space

Almost finished embroidering this table cloth, just can't decide on the border colour.

Re - hemming this dress I made for my sister when I was 14 - she was 5. It has been worn by my sister and 2 of my daughters (and will be worn by the 3rd) and has only ever needed the hem fixed.

I'm enjoying these books that Nell sent to me along with some soap and chocolates. Thanks so much Nell.

Speaking of my sister... she gave me this tapestry approximately 10 years ago! I have pulled out my original stitching that was done when I was clueless and am having another go at it. I'll update you in another year (it's very large!) and hopefully not in another 10.

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Bugalugs aka Jacqui said...

Your embroidered tablecloth looks gorgeous, love the little dress you made too - love the sentimental value, priceless!

michelle said...

lots of craftiness here. the tablecloth is lovely. wouldn't be safe to let me near it. snip, snip.
i chuckled at your tapestry story. my sister has one (yet to be completed) that was supposed toe my wedding present 30YEARS AGO. god i wish she was reading this

yaga said...

you made that freakin dress when you were fourteen? i didn't even know what a hem is at that age!
*bows deeply*

It's lovely and lovely things are always worth mending!

Vic said...

Wow... you have humbled me with the realisation that people still embroider table cloths... maybe even USE them... ;) Looking lovely!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Wow, the dress you made is gorgeous. And so special, to be worn by your sister and your own children, just lovely.

Kate said...

divine! all of it.
I am super impressed with the table cloth and I love, love, love that dress.

Gaby said...

That tablecloth is gorgeous! It looks so intricate and the colours are stunning.

Mum2eight said...

oh gosh. No wonder you are so good now. I did know what a hem was but I couldn't sew a straight line at all when I was 14. I remember doing a bag in Home Ec that I could probably do in a couple of hours now. It took me the entire term to finish it. I was so slow and had to undo many many seams.

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

what a beautiful tablecloth. You are very talented now and obviously earlier on too!