Autumn afternoon

We went for a drive to the forest yesterday. It was a perfect autumn afternoon. My favourite time of year.

 The fly agarics were pushing up through the forest floor everywhere we looked.

Husband fished while the children and I explored and played games.

Some things must look so huge to little ones.

We stayed until after sunset, which was beautiful on the water.

We drove home with heavy hearts - there is no way the suburbs can compare with fresh, wide open spaces. One day.


Tanya said...

that mushroom looks amazing, so bright it looks almost fake!

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

What a lovely day. i love Autumn too. My favorite season would be the Spring when everything wakes from it's winter sleep

Linda said...

Gorgeous photos!

baukje said...

This looks like a peaceful and happy family day!!!!

Mum2eight said...

oh it looks like a wonderful day.

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