Welcome to the jungle!

My husband took some photos of our backyard from the roof.

Having a wet summer has done amazing things for the garden.
When we moved here 5 and a half years ago this was an empty, barren space. We are surrounded by other houses and had no privacy in our yard.

Now it is green and beautiful every direction you look. My husband has worked very hard to make our unattractive suburban block into something a bit more special. It is a truly wonderful thing.


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

It looks so lush. What a beautiful green space.

m.e (Cathie) said...

oh my! that looks amazing!
love the green we are surrounded by this summer, it's odd to see in summer, but all this rain is doing wonders.

love a green backyard, makes me smile especially when I see the kids enjoy it so much.

well done to your hubby

naomi said...

wow, that is more than bit special- its fantastic! I would love a garden like that. Watch those Morning Glory's though, they know how to take over. We had our tennis court fence totally covered in these on one side growing up. Such pretty flowers.

Folky Dots said...

Wow that is truely incredible. I love a garden and love to garden. Love it all!

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