Mohair is just so pretty!

This doll is a custom order for Christmas. The customer sent me some fabrics with specifications for clothing. I'll admit I was a little skeptical about the colourways but I think they've come together beautifully.

The pants are bamboo velour, the top is a knit and the pinafore a cotton print. She also included the green wool felt so I made a bag with that. She has other outfits too but in my haste to send her off before Christmas I haven't take extra photos.

The customer also requested mohair for the hair. This is sewn on piece by little piece until the whole head is covered. It takes a long time!

This dyed mohair is from Stokesay Mohair farm in Victoria, it is really beautiful stuff and gives such a realistic look to a doll.


Tas said...

So sweet. Love her hair and her little tote.

Jenn said...

She is so super cute!

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