Which direction to take? Advice please?!

I had thoughts of stocking my Etsy shop for Christmas but I feel (and have felt for some time) that I'm at a crossroads with my craft. I desperately want to make my passion for craft into a career but can't decide what to do, it's so frustrating!

I have sold a few dolls this year which is nice, however this is just pocket money, not an income. With dolls you put in a lot of work for a little money. I'd like to take the next step with hand dyeing and sell some fabrics but I'm not sure if there is any demand. Likewise with my embroidery patterns. It's not that I mind putting in the work but I think it all comes back to my fear of failure that plagues me constantly.
I've failed before. In fact, any "business" or money making venture I've undertaken has ultimately failed. I see others succeeding at things I have failed at and I don't know why.

My husband suggested that I try doing a market with my hand dyed fabrics just to see how it goes, which seems a good idea but would take a lot of work and organisation. It would also mean I would have to stop being such a hermit(ess).
Any advice would be very well received, in any case, thanks for "listening" :)


Posie Patchwork said...

Well after 10 years i'm supporting my family of 6 through craft & working at home, i was patient, took small steps in investing in new ideas & directions & markets definitely help your cash flow.
I have a post due tomorrow about little local markets, start small & listen to your customers - they'll give you the best advice & direction.
Above all, be confident & passionate, above all it will shine through & be contageous with your customers. Also for cash flow make smaller no brainer products so people can work their way up to the dolls. I have customers constantly asking for doll's clothes for existing dolls, that might be a great place to start?? Hair accessories are always popular, little things mothers with no intention to buy will buy them anyway.
You'll never know if you don't try & often you have to do a market a few times to get the sales started off, either it's your stock levels, confidence or they've had you on their shopping mind.
Finally 'stock sells stock' so if you can wangle things on line for sale as well as a market, as they sell at the market take them off line, gives you two bites at sales.
Check my blog tomorrow, love Posie

Linda said...

You are a wonderful wonderful person:) I have been listening to the most amazing audiobook lately and I am so glad I have, because it has made me realise that if we are positive and expect something to work and succeed, it will:)
I wish you luck with your decision and new venture:)
Take care

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

I wish I had some life changing words of wisdom for you but I don't because as I read your post I can relate to your dilemma. Your dolls are gorgeous and I don't think most people would know just how much work goes into them and I am sure you make very little in return compared to their "real" value.

It is great to find what you love doing but you must find the balance that allows you to be valued, for your product to be valued and for you to make "decent" money and not struggle.

I closed my business because I found I didn't value myself enough to charge what I should have been charging. I hope in the years to come I can work on that. In the meantime I hope that you can find the path that is right for you.

best of luck,

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