Some people are really sweet

As a general statement (I'm good at making those) I'd say there is a great deal of greediness in the world today. People who want, want and want some more. Who take from others thoughtlessly. 

Through having this blog I've gladly found some people who are the exact opposite. They are thoughtful and will give without expecting any return. They will send you something just because they know how nice it is to get a parcel. Or just because they know you would like it or could use it.

Thank you Nic for a parcel of loveliness that brightened my day.

Thank you to all others who take the time to think of me and who bother to read my little blog.


softearthart said...

Their are lots of lovely people in the world. cheers Marie

Nic Wood said...

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy playing with your goodies!
Ive too have found that thre are some really lovely like minded people out there in blog land - its wonderful to have that cyber connection with them - its always just that bit special to be able to make that real life connection with some of them and to be able to put a smile on someones face...just because!

Nic xxx

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