Lil' Mim sisters

I finished the other doll I was working on, her new owner loves the colour blue and has hazel eyes with brown hair. I decided to give her super long hair, I just love a doll with long hair.

This is the first time I've made a pair of dolls for sisters, I think it's really beautiful that they'll both have              their own special doll for Christmas. These 2 are about 13 inches tall and made with the my usual favourites - cotton tricot, carded wool, mohair yarn and lovely prints for their dresses.

Last night I started work on my doll for the Melbourne Show, I've left it a little late, but it's cool, she'll get there!


Nell said...

Beautiful dress choices! Gloria (Hannah's Waldorf dollie) has the best shock of reddish pink long hair and it has just been so much fun for her to play with. The lucky girls will love their Christmas presents.
Good luck with the show dollie!

Cassie Shella said...

These dolls are just precious! You have a lovely blog. I visit Marie often and found you via her blog. I'll be back to visit again. Your creations are beautiful.

Tanya said...

Are you entering it in? I am thinking of going so I will have to find out what section- I would love to see one of your lovely creations 'in real life'!!

softearthart said...

Lovely, dresses, With custom orders, if the person has decided to let you have creative license, it is a shame that she then came back with a negative comment, Do not worry about it, just keep going,it is part of growing, cheers Marie

The Handmaden said...

Tanya, I'm working on a doll right now for the show (a little late I know!)
I'll give details here so that anyone going to the show can have a squiz!

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