Thursday, August 19, 2010

In my studio today...

Doesn't that sound posh - "In my studio?" Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to really have a studio but for now lets just pretend!

Some cheery little doll's faces for a custom order. Don't they look comical without hair?

Some more colour experimentation with fabric painting. I went for soft hues with these. The blue one is on homespun.

I painted cotton lawn with soft pinks, yellows and reds for this soft and muted one.

I'm contemplating introducing hand dyed and painted fabrics, ribbons and threads to my Etsy shop.
Any thoughts?


softearthart said...

A good idea, your doll heads are really nice, cheers Marie

Michelle said...

I love the doll heads - they have so much personality eve without a body attached.

cherri said...

oh wow such pretty faces!