Monday, July 12, 2010

Jalie Men's top

I made this top using light grey Stella from the Crafty Mamas Shop for my husband's birthday. He has been asking me for so long to make him something but I had never "got around to it".  I'm really pleased with the result, the fit is beautiful and most importantly, he loves it!

I really recommend the Jalie pattern, it was easy to follow, there aren't many pieces and it came together in a fairly short amount of time.

You'll have to take my word for it that he is very handsome - I was allowed to post these pictures on the condition that they were "anonymous"!

He has asked me to make some more so now I have an excuse to buy more fabric!

On the home front we have another birthday tomorrow - the little one is turning 1. July is a busy birthday month for our family.

The Melbourne Show planning continues - I'm now agonising over exactly what I will enter (embroidery, a doll, a toy???) and keep changing my mind. Entry forms have to be in next week so I'd better just make up my mind!


Mum2eight said...

gorgeous. I will have to make one for Steve.

Happy Birthday to your daughter.

softearthart said...

Beautifully made, cheers Marie