Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crewel embroidery, I think I'm in love....

I ventured out in the wild, cold and wet evening lastnight to attend a crewel embroidery class. It was wonderful - the ladies were all warm and friendly, the teacher was professional and knowledgeable and the project is really enjoyable. How nice to have a craft session without noise and interruptions!

The crewel design is by the teacher Lyn and the fabric is linen twill from Canada (ooh!) The beginning of the project above shows couching, cross stitch, split stitch and french knots. No new stitches for me, but quite different working with linen and Appletons wool to the usual homespun and cotton. 

I think the more embroidery I do the more I realise it's potential and the more enjoyable it becomes. I love the intermingling of different styles so that you can build on your experience rather than learning completely new skills with each new style of embroidery.

I'll keep you updated with this WIP.


nocton4 said...

looks wonderful, great project x

softearthart said...

Nice like you say to have time to yourself to create. this looks cool, cheers Marie