A fruitful week

It's been great having a break and re focusing on the things I need to re focus on. Being away from the computer has given me more time to sew, embroider, homeschool, organise the house - I could go on. I've decided to restrict my computer time and prioritise.

I was going through my fabric trying to decide what to do with the smaller pieces of knit and thought it was high time I did some sewing for the little one. 

The top is an Antonia and I used an old Burda pattern for the pants. A very cheap outfit too - the blue panne velvet for the pants was a freebie from someone who didn't want it, the sleeves are from a swap with Gilly and the rest were Crafty Mamas fabrics I had left over.

Cute and comfy!

1 comment:

Vic said...

Oh that top looks... tops! ;)

Your blog is looking good too, I've not actually been over in a while - usually just in the reader.

Prioritise. Yes. Right. Good idea lol.

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