Photos from our sojourn

No prizes for guessing the region we travelled to...
We stopped here to enjoy the famous Timboon Icecream (yes, it was beautiful!) and to enjoy the scenery - what a gorgeous little hamlet is Timboon.

A brief stop at the stunning Port Campbell to watch the waves crash on the foreshore.

It was worth the drive out to Apostle Whey Cheese for a cheese tasting and a couple of purchases. You drive through marvelous dairy country and rolling hills to get there.

There were patches of drifting smoke rising from the emerald green grass fields everywhere on this cool but sunny autumn day. We stayed at Moonshine Cottage in CurdieVale with the Curdie River running along the back of the property.

As promised - a picture of our new kitten, as yet unnamed but very, very well loved!


Kylie said...

Looks like you had a nice break.

Love the little kitten - I could have come home from the pet shop yesterday with two adult cats - but they did not like dogs so they stayed.

Linda said...

What beautiful photos! Such a sweet kitten, reminds me of our Charlie:)

Antique Rose Designs said...

Oh what a cute kitty cat I gave one the same colour to my mum last year that we rescued from the Lost Dogs Home and what a great job you did with that top I love it as an apron well done. Have a great Mothers Day and hope you get to sleep in. Carol

ayelet(nishale) said...

what a great pics of a the break!
and the smile with the kitty tells everything!

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