Buying seconhand as well as this and that...

Do you remember my previous post about buying secondhand?

The latest purchase is a lawn mower, which was a necessary after the other mower (which was also secondhand and very old!) gave up the ghost. The cost of this one was $130 - a new one would have been about $350. It runs beautifully.

Secondhand price $130

New price $350

Saving $ 220

Total savings tally for 2010 - $320
So far, all savings have gone towards the mortgage as extra repayments.

In other news my sewjo seems to have evapourated this week, it must be the tiredness. I think right now I am more tired than ever before, I really need a good nights sleep but the little one won't have it. I keep telling myself it will soon improve, I know it will...

We are going away over the weekend for one night, I've been looking forward to that! I'll give details upon our return, there may also be some pics of a new feline addition to our family.

God bless and have a great weekend!

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zofia said...

Have a lovely break, hopefully some sleep? :)

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