Doll making tips

I certainly don't consider myself an authority on making dolls, but here are a few tips that experience (and repetition) have taught me:

* Wash your hands thoroughly before starting. This may seem obvious but even the natural oil from your skin can affect your skin fabric, remember - your doll will have been held a lot before she is completed!

* Use quality materials. Costly, yes. Worth it? Yes! This includes your threads.

* Use small stitches. Whether you hand or machine stitch your dolls you don't want them coming apart at the seams.

* I like to keep all my work tidy, even the parts that won't be seen. It helps to develop quality workmanship and good habits.

* When embroidering facial features don't pull the thread tight, just let it sit comfortably on the surface - no puckers.

* I use doubled quilting thread for sewing on limbs It's particularly important when making dolls for children that the doll is strong.

* Sink stitches back into the body when finishing for tidiness.

* If your dolls legs and body are one piece, double or triple stitch the groin area, as it's vulnerable to coming apart or ripping.

* For corners (around hands, feet, etc) use the stitch, stitch, turn method.

* Don't rush! Enjoy the process and take time to be careful. As you become more practiced you will also get faster.

Hope you find something helpful there!


willow and moo said...

Those are excellent tips!

Carolyn said...

thank you for these tips- I am about to start making my 1st dol, its going to be interesting as I am more into the 'instant' and these dolls take time and patience!

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