Is bartering dead?

I'm about to find out. I've offered this doll for barter over at the Crafty Mamas forum. I've been thinking for some time about the differences between city and country living, and this is one of them. It's not called bartering in the country though - it's just what you do. For example:

Mrs. Randell has a glut of apricots this year, she gives you a box of them and you give her a basket of fresh vegetables from your garden.

You have excess eggs from your chooks so you ask the Robertsons if they want any. They do, and they have just made a batch of strawberry jam from their strawberry garden so you become the happy recipient of a couple of jars.

Things are really different here in the city. I find it hard to trust people and to take their word. I don't ask people for help because that's just not what you do here. And bartering? Well, that's just non existent here, whether you call it bartering or not.
I'd love to barter more because, to me, it's not all about making a sale. It's about sharing something of yourself and what you have with others and receiving the same in return.
I'll let you know how my attempt turns out!


Nell said...

i don't believe bartering is dead but I do believe that it is more a country thing! Have you noticed that there are lots of those "country things" that just seem to be dying out? If we are invited somewhere for a cuppa we always take a plate, and if I can, flowers from my garden yet I'm noticing that very few people seem to do this these days. Good luck with the bartering - what are you trading your beautiful dolly for?

Posie Patchwork said...

Don't give up, you're just not in the right circles. Ever since i started my business 10 years ago i've managed to swap handmade goods for all sorts of things, web advice, babysitting, lamb, lasagne, you name it!! All this while living in big cities like Sydney, Darwin, Canberra.
It's still alive & well in the country though - my brother is a doctor & he's been paid in meat & potatoes!! Love Posie

The Handmaden said...

Nell, we didn't have a specific trade agreement, but, being a fellow crafty mama I think I'll end up with something quite acceptable! Will post about it when I receive my parcel.

Karen said...

Great idea.
I have a trading system with a neighbour. She has a fabulous veggie garden and chooks and I can sew - so we exchange our commodities often!
It's not really a formal arrangement though - just neighbourly sharing.
Can't wait to see what you get.

Gilly said...

Hi Kelly - the beautiful dolly arrived today - I hope you get my parcel soon and that you are happy with it. Lainey is totally in love with her new doll and she has shown it to everyone who will listen! Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to barter with you.xx Gilly

The Handmaden said...

Great Gilly, I'm so glad she likes it! Thank you for the opportunity too.

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