Peg dolls!

I'll be posting the tutorial seperately seeing as it's photo heavy. But first, an introduction starring the Peg Doll Girls!

Meet Jane, an all round nice girl, everybody's friend.

This is Krishna, she loves spending time with her friends and is an adventurous cook.

Say hi to Jo, the funloving and adventurous one of the group.

This is Carmel, she's a little bossy but a big softie underneath it all.

Last but not least is Anna the fashionista. Her favourite pastime is, yep, you guessed it - shopping!
Stay tuned for the tute on how to make your own peg dolls!


Rose and Ivy said...

They are really cute!

zofia said...

How cute Kelly. I will stay tuned!

Antique Rose Designs said...

Very cute my daughter better not see these or I'll be making peg dolls next. Take care Carol

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