Garden fairy and soap

One of my nieces (did I ever mention that I have 29 nieces and nephews?!) sent me a lovely handmade card for the baby so I decided to send her something in return (she is 5 years old).

Being a lover of all things pretty and girly, I thought a little 4 inch garden fairy would be just the thing. I was happy to get these light filled shots of the said fairy as it was a gloriously warm and sunny winter's morn.

I made some goats milk and vanilla bean soap for a gift. It smelled gorgeous in the pot, almost exactly like panna cotta. Speaking of panna cotta, have you ever made it? You must, you must, its simply wonderful and easy too! Here's a recipe for you:
Err, if you're on a diet or watching your weight you may have to develop temporary amnesia before you down this cool delight!

Vanilla Panna Cotta

Serves 6

3 cups cream
1 cup milk
the seeds from a lovely moist vanilla bean (you can use vanilla extract, but it ain't the same!)
3/4 cup sugar
4 tsp gelatine

Bring the milk, cream, vanilla and sugar slowly to the boil. Remove from heat. Dissolve the gelatine in a little warm water just before stirring in to the cream mixture. Allow to cool to warm before pouring into moulds or some sort of container (I just use a plastic rectangular dish with tall sides) Cover with plastic wrap and set in the fridge overnight.

We have only eaten it plain, but next time husband suggested doing some fruit soaked in liquer as an accompaniment. I quite agree!


Sara said...

Gorgeous little garden fairy!

And oh dear, I'm going to ignore that panna cotta recipe. It's like when I make creme brulee, I have to ignore the kilojoule/fat content! It tastes soooo good though!

The Handmaden said...

mmm, creme brulee, I haven't tried that yet, that's one for the shopping list!

Antique Rose Designs said...

The shops look good enough to eat. I actually thought it was a caramel slice when I first saw the Take care Carol

Punky's Mamma said...

29 nieces & nephews!!! Wow!

Lovely little fairy & I can imagine how delish that soap must smell, and that's all I'm going to do mind you, imagine, no panna cotta for me!!

DELiciousDesignz said...

That fairy is so cute and awesome photos too. And wow, you can make soap too - so clever.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a gorgeous gift you made!!!

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