Saturday chit chat

So, after deciding that we would not need to buy a van before the arrival of little no.4 we have now realised that one of the children is too big to fit in additional station wagon seating, and another child soon will be. Tomorrow we go to look at a secondhand van. Although I'm very hesistant to spend the money, I must admit the idea of a roomy van is quite exciting, plus we already have a buyer for our current car.

Its a beautiful autumn day, blue skies, sun shining. The children are on the trampoline enjoying the weather before it turns cold again, so I'm enjoying some "quiet time" to myself.

I feel like making something but need more supplies, my small fabric collection is looking a bit pitiful. I'm trying to come up with more ideas to use up scraps, but then again, how many times do you want to use the same fabric over and over? Hmmm, starting to sound spoilt methinks!

Have a great day!

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