New in the shop today......

A "Wee Waldorf" doll, only 6 inches tall with knitted organic and hand dyed yarn dress and long flowing alpaca and mohair locks.

A butterfly wristlet, just for fun! It has a knitted body and attaches to the wrist with velcro.
Now, a word about zips!
I'm determined that one day I will be able to insert a zip that looks good, I've tried many times and never completed one to satisfaction. Any zip tips from those in the know?



Sherry O said...

Hello...the only tip I can give, you may already know, and doesn't work in all situations. Try basting the opened zipper "seam" closed first. Then, line the zipper up with the closed seam, sew into place and remove the basting (thus "opening" the zipper seam). Hope I explained it well enough.

Sherry O said...

P.S. The zipper should be zipped up closed when you sew it into place...forgot to mention that!

The Handmaden said...

thanks Sherry, I've heard of people using glue or similar to hold it in place too.

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