Happy day

Can you tell I'm still reading the Little House series? I made this pretty vintage nightie for dd, I thought of Little House straight away when I saw the pattern at the op shop. I then scored the pretty rose fabric for $2 a metre on a clearance table. The buttons actually cost more than the nightie! Little shadow had to be in the photo too!

So, why is it a happy day? RAIN! We've had a good drenching this morning and there is water in the tank again, which means we can plant some vegetable seeds again.
Also, our old hot water system died on the very same day we received our government bonus, which paid for the new one we've had installed. Thankyou God for being so good to us!

Have a wonderful day, and if your day isn't going well, do something creative, I guarantee it will help!

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Sara said...

Adorable nightie! Your girls are so adorable!

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