Family Finance!

Given the current global economic situation I thought some readers may benefit from a series of posts on family finances. In these posts I will share the strategies and ways of living that we use and have used for many years. The economic situation is not affecting us at all because we never live any differently - I guess you could say we are consistently frugal and careful.
A little background...

We are a family of 2 adults and 3 (soon to be 4) children living on a single income. My husband has a good job and works hard, but we are classed as "low income earners". We have a modest but pleasant 3 bedroom single story home. We have a mortgage for this home. We own one family car. Our children are homeschooled by me - I am at home full time. Our luxuries are few, but we have a good lifestyle with plenty of healthy food, we always have spare money for unexpected expenses and we don't worry about money. We believe that God always has and always will provide for us, but we also believe that He helps those who help themselves.

I hope that sharing our way of life financially will help you to improve your own. I will endeavour to leave my first post tomorrow.

All the best.

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