I'm really pleased to see a few comments even though I've been so slack here of late, thankyou very much for your supporst. Thanks be to God, I'm gradually feeling better and now have more good days than bad. I finished off a little doll yesterday, she is very cute but the camera memory card has gone AWOL (I'll be consulting husband about that when he arrives home!) I'm still working on my custom dolly but am putting alot of planning into her outfit as I want it to be special.

It is wonderful to be on the verge of another new year with all its rewards, challenges and surprises. I don't make New Year's Resoloutions as I try to make resoloutions whenever I deem it necessary, instead of once a year. A simple resoloution is "I'm going to be better". Can't go wrong with that!

Now, can anyone help me out with this....
4 children means vehicle changes. We were going to convert our wagon with extra seating in the back, but are also considering a van. We are open to having more children, so a van would be inevitable eventually, but is it worth changing over now or waiting? We've only had the wagon 18 months and a van would set us back financially - what did you do?
Any thoughts please?

Baby news!

Yes, we are expecting baby no. 4 sometime in August next year! I'm very excited but have also been terribly sick, hence my continual absence here. Feel free to leave your pregnancy nausea tips here, there may be one I haven't tried yet!
I'd also love to hear from anyone who has had repeat caesarians as is unfortunately the case with me.

Today we are trying to make preparations for Christmas which has been seriously hampered by my condition this year, but we've managed to make decorations, do the tree and are making marshmallows. The lunchtime bread is made and cooling. We're keeping our food fairly simple this year too, my dear husband has to work Christmas day but there are prawns in the freezer and a lasagne (kid's request) in the works. Husband will make his famous truffles as usual. We will attend the vigil mass tomorrow evening.
What a lovely time of year, I hope yours is too.

Rain, glorious rain!!!

22 hours and its still going! Water poured into the tank all night and the garden is totally soaked.
I heard on the radio that some areas have received nearly 100mm, and more heavy rain is expected later today and tonight. Thankyou God!

The perfect pet?

We've had Polly a couple of months now and she is just wonderful! I never knew rats had so much personality (ratinality?) and are so easy to care for. She does not require special food, just what we eat or have in the pantry. She gets let out and played with every day, but if we miss a day its no drama, she's still happy. She is very clever and cute and excellent for children (you have to watch the little ones who like to "squeeze"!)

Her enclosure is a simple plastic crate with a baking rack as a lid (my husband's ingenuity). Her drink bottle hooks over the side and she drinks when thirsty. Her bedding is ripped up newspaper (we simply keep the free local papers and use them) which is changed roughly ever 3 days. Rats do not smell, they are very clean, but the bedding has to be changed often. If we go away we simply give her to someone else for a couple of days and she's fine.
She is lovely, I highly recommend a rat if you want a low maintenance, cheap and rewarding pet.

What I've been up to

I made this skirt in sewing class, it turned out beautifully. I splurged a little on the fabric ( considering I normally but from the bargain table) but it was worth it. Its very much my style.

I made this dress out of scraps in sewing class, but I'm not keen on the colours and it looks a bit like a nightie. DS was happy to put it on for the photo opportunity, but refuses to wear it now. No surprise there.

library haul

One of my favourite places to spend time is the library! I go in to drop off as many books as I can carry and leave in the same fashion with a fresh load. And thats just for me, the kids have their own library bags to fill. We're really lucky to have access to 2 of the best libraries I've seen. It allows me to indulge in my book fascination without spending a cent (oh alright, I do get overdue fees sometimes!)
The good news for today is the Rudd Government anouncing they are handing out money for Christmas. For us, with 3 children and a low income, that translates to $3000!!!
The idea is that we spend it to improve the economy, but of course it will be added to our slowly decreasing home loan. What a lovely surprise, it takes my husband a long time to earn that much money.


Its lovely to see these hollyhocks in flower after trying to grow them for so long (darn harlequin bugs keep killing them!)

I haven't been well of late so haven't been able to spend any time here. I thought I'd better drop in and let you know I'm still alive! I have nothing crafty to show either, although I am working on a couple of things.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...