I'm really pleased to see a few comments even though I've been so slack here of late, thankyou very much for your supporst. Thanks be to God, I'm gradually feeling better and now have more good days than bad. I finished off a little doll yesterday, she is very cute but the camera memory card has gone AWOL (I'll be consulting husband about that when he arrives home!) I'm still working on my custom dolly but am putting alot of planning into her outfit as I want it to be special.

It is wonderful to be on the verge of another new year with all its rewards, challenges and surprises. I don't make New Year's Resoloutions as I try to make resoloutions whenever I deem it necessary, instead of once a year. A simple resoloution is "I'm going to be better". Can't go wrong with that!

Now, can anyone help me out with this....
4 children means vehicle changes. We were going to convert our wagon with extra seating in the back, but are also considering a van. We are open to having more children, so a van would be inevitable eventually, but is it worth changing over now or waiting? We've only had the wagon 18 months and a van would set us back financially - what did you do?
Any thoughts please?


Sara said...

No advice on the car. I hope someone has some good ideas for you.

Happy New Year!

Lela said...

I have a 7 seater Kia Carnival. I've had it two years now and it's great. Some Kia's have had a bad rep due to motor problems
(2000/2001 models I think). We upgraded because our old car was costing to much to repair all the time and at the time we had my sister and her son living with us and she didn't have a drivers licence, so a bigger car was important.Then we had number 4 so it all worked out great. (My sister has moved out now) Here's some pro's and con's for me:
Pro: *Two sliding passenger doors, having them on both sides is great and easier to get kids in and out of tight car parking spaces (as opposed to open out doors)
* "Zoned" Air-con. Can just have air-con in the front if it's just me.
* Fuel usage is normal. I had a Ford Faimont sedan prior and it uses the same amount of fuel on average.
*Roomy. Can comfortably accomadate teens/adult men.
*All the middle and back seats can be removed if neccessary (great for picking up bulky buys)or folded in half.

*No tow ball. occasionally this is a pain in the butt. And although it could be fitted with one, the car motor, in my opinion, isn't powerful enough to tow.
*The passenger windows in the middle are fixed, and the windows in the back have kind of vent openings. Means we use the air-con far more than I use to.
*Only 7 seats, some models have 8 seats, we couldn't afford this one.
*Limited boot space. Only really a problem if you have a big bulky pram. I have a twin stroller that fits fine.

Hope that helps. I'm glad to hear the morning sickness is easing :)

The Handmaden said...

Thanks for posting all that info Lela, we have been looking at a later model Kia Carnival but are pretty scared off at spending so much. It seems like the dickie seat idea might be a better option for us, brand new cost is $2500, second hand is much cheaper. The seats for our model of car would make it an 8 seater car. Squashy though......

Lela said...

Personally if I were you I would go for the dickie seat. While the kids are little it wont be that squishy. And by the time they are bigger and it is getting squishy you could upgrade to a van/bigger car if you needed to. Rather than by another car now, then buy another car in 5-10 years time anyway. We couldn't do this because we didn't have a station wagon.
Good luck !

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