library haul

One of my favourite places to spend time is the library! I go in to drop off as many books as I can carry and leave in the same fashion with a fresh load. And thats just for me, the kids have their own library bags to fill. We're really lucky to have access to 2 of the best libraries I've seen. It allows me to indulge in my book fascination without spending a cent (oh alright, I do get overdue fees sometimes!)
The good news for today is the Rudd Government anouncing they are handing out money for Christmas. For us, with 3 children and a low income, that translates to $3000!!!
The idea is that we spend it to improve the economy, but of course it will be added to our slowly decreasing home loan. What a lovely surprise, it takes my husband a long time to earn that much money.


Tracy said...

We're getting a lot too, we have 6 kids. Friends of ours who are on disability pensions, are each others carers and have 2 kids are getting 6400. But my mum on the Widows allowance is getting zilch.

The Handmaden said...

What a pity for your Mum, unfortunately it seems there is always someone who is overlooked. What a bonus for you though, I bet you'll put that to good use!

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