Oops, just realised how long it is since my last post! I've been spending less time at the computer lately which I think is a good thing. I was just stuffing some dolls (4 on the go at the moment!) but got fed up with the poor light and sore back, so here I am.
I just came across the blog belonging to Little Jenny Wren, a fellow doll maker and lover, her little knitted dolls outfits are just beautiful. I must learn to knit one day!
While I'm here I will request prayers that are much needed for our politicians. Within the next couple of weeks a bill may be passed that will decriminalise abortion. The most shocking part of this bill, if it is voted in, is that it would allow abortions up to full term! Please pray for the politicians who support this bill - that they may have a change of heart and for the politicians who don't support it- that they stay strong in their convictions.

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