Going around the edges

There are times when you are weaving something other than plain weave, you enter into the shed, weave the pick, but then realise the yarn has not wrapped around the outer edge warp thread.

If you continue to weave, your edges will be wonky and they will be unstable.

Fortunately, there is a quick and easy fix to this problem!

You could add floating selvedges and ensure that you go around them between each woven pick.


You can go around the edge thread manually, which is really, really simple.

Usually, if you're weaving a repeating pattern, the problem will occur on the same side, in the same shed. For me, on this particular pattern, it was the down shed.

By simply entering the shed by first going over the edge thread, you fix the problem. The weft yarn wraps around the edge warp thread, and all is right with the world again.

In these photos I am weaving my brand new Etsy pattern, the Rainbow Lap Blanket. I designed this pattern for little loom weavers who crave to weave something large and also for those who are in a cold part of the world and wish to snuggle up with something bright and warm. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Oh, before I forget, there is a companion video to this blog post, just in case you need to see how it all works!

Until next time... 

Happy Weaving!


Marjan said...

Beautiful explanation! The video is handy to go along with this blog (I am more a watcher and listnener than a reader.😉)
Thanks Kelly.🌷

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks for watching, Marjan!

lovethenorth said...

It looks like you have floats going under 5 threads; does that not cause a problem on the backside of a cloth? I'm new to weaving but I know what floats do in a knitted garment so I'm curious.

Kelly Casanova said...

Yes, they are long-ish floats, but it's fine, the fabric is completely stable :)

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