Lacking inspiration? Do this!

We all have those days, usually when we're overworked and overtired, when we want to do something but don't know where to start. We don't feel inspired and we wish an idea would just magically come.

Let me tell you my failsafe method for getting rid of the "no inspo blues"! 

My kids actually taught me this one. Every time I want them to do a big clean up of their bedroom or play area, they start to get busy but within a short amount of time I hear. "Mum, look what I found!"  "I actually forgot I had this!" And eventually, it becomes a battle to keep them focused on the task of cleaning up because they're excited about rediscovering old games, toys and books.
Once the clean up is finally done (this whole process can be similar to having teeth pulled) they are much happier. Not only have they found things that they're excited about, they now have a clean, uncluttered space to use those things in.

See where I'm going with this?

When I feel tired and uninspired I often find myself wandering into my studio, looking around, sighing, maybe working on a couple of unfinished things half heartedly.
But, once I get out the duster, pull everything off the shelves, clean and rearrange, then the change within my head starts to happen.
I'm reminded of all the beautiful yarns and threads just sitting there waiting to be used. I put these yarns into order so that they are better displayed and I can easily find what I want. I start to get ideas for new projects. I restack my reference books. Hey, I haven't looked at that one for a while, let me just have a flick. Ooo, I love those colours, I wonder how I could incorporate that into my weaving! And once I've done the shelf, I notice how messy my big storage container has become, so I tackle that next. Oh, and what about the table? How can anyone get any work done on a table that is covered with stuff and getting dusty? 

It's not too long before my messy place is clear and clean. In turn, my mind now feels clear and clean. I have mental plans for my next steps forward and I know it's going to be all the more enjoyable because everything is in it's proper place.

So, next time you're lacking inspiration, get into your creative space and get organised! Then, get making!


dabonci said...

This is exactly what helps me also! �� There’s something so calming and meditative about sorting, clearing, thinking through things and their placement. When inspiration comes, it just feels like the next natural step.
Here’s the thing, though: Sometimes a little bit of fear lurks behind the inspo least with me. Sometimes I’m not sure about supplies or technique, and this becomes yet another layer I need to identify, unpack, understand, and plow through before I can get going again.
Anyway, thanks for sharing this, Kelly.

Marjan said...

This is a great tip! I have to remind this. Thank you for sharing (and teaching 😉).

Hilary said...

The first thing I said to myself as I sat down to read my emails this morning was, "How can I work in a mess like this?!" Thank you for your inspiring post and for the reassurance that it's not just me that gets messy!

Kelly Casanova said...

Dabonaci, I totally get the fear thing, that can be a stumbling block for me too! said...

This is a great tip! In my head I know it to be true, but when I'm feeling uninspired it's hard to get started! Thanks.

Kelly Casanova said...

It is hard to get started, but so well worth the effort!

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