The week in review, phew!

The week started out well and then WOOSH, I turned around and it was almost over already. A lot of weeks are like that these days. But it doesn't trouble me, as long as the week is well spent.

Autumn is well and truly upon us and the cold has crept in. This does not trouble me either, I am quite fond of cool weather and it inspires me to surround myself with fibre.

We celebrated our son's 18th birthday with much cheer and delightful dishes. I was reminded of the great blessing he is to our family, and what a fine young man he is. It is certainly bittersweet having your children grow up.

I finally launched my newest class, Rigid Heddle Garment Making! I was so thrilled to finish what had become a lengthly undertaking and I was so happy with the end project.

The response has been enthusiastic, as many students have been asking me to put this class together.

In other weaving news, this is what I have on the floor loom. The warp is plain white cottolin and hemp and I'm changing up the cotton weft colours as I go. The draft is an 8 shaft from Carol Strickler's 8 shaft pattern book. It took me ages to get going with this and I had to re-sley the reed THREE times due to silly mistakes. I'm happy to say that the weaving is all going smoothly! I'm making a set of towels.

The threading is rose path and the weaving is very much like an overshot - one pattern pick (red)...

followed by a tabby pick (white). Rather lovely!

I almost forgot, I also have a new Youtube video! The topic is a very popular one - weaver neater edges. 

So yes, a very busy week indeed with lots happening.

I have two new projects in the planning stages. One will be my next Etsy pattern (speaking of Etsy - my sales passed 400 this week and continue to climb!), the other will be a new online class with a difference. You will have to wait and see what the "difference" is, I have a lot of work to do before I reveal more details!

I hope you have had a great week, rich with blessings, family, good health and of course, a good dose of weaving!


Annette Lancaster said...

Wow! You have had a busy week! I am excited about your foray into an 8 shaft pattern. They are going to be almost too beautiful to use as towels!

I have been a Rigid Heddle student of yours for approximately a year now but I have recently been hungering for a multi shaft loom. Your class on Warping the loom has swayed me to make the leep as you took the fear out of it. Although it will be another 6 months or so before I can afford to purchase one, I am excited that I will still be able to continue my weaving journey with you, Kelly.

Kelly Casanova said...

That is so wonderful Annette!

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