The point at which it gets really hard

It  was really hard seeing our normally healthy 17 year old son rushed into the resuscitation unit in a medically induced coma.
It was hard having him transferred to intensive care.
It was really hard when he deteriorated and was placed in a medically induced coma.
It was hard seeing him come out of that coma days later.
It was hard watching as he was transferred out of ICU into the respiratory ward, but didn't improve as expected.
It was awfully hard signing the consent for surgery to remove fluid from around his lungs.
It was hard seeing him experience the pain and discomfort of having a drainage tube in his back.
It was hard seeing him deteriorate again with fevers and low blood pressure and a high heart rate and having 2 larger tubes inserted in his side.
Today was a really hard day. Waiting for another, more major surgery to remove fluid again, followed by an epidural to numb his body for days (therefore numbing the pain) and then being told at the end of the day that the surgery was postponed to Monday.
Now we wait out the weekend, knowing that surgery is coming.

But you know what? I think all this has been harder on us than on him. Because he is a champion. He has endured countless procedures, needles, drugs, ups and downs without complaint. He always has a cheerful smile for us and looks forward to our visiting. He is resigned and accepting of his situation. His faith in God is strong and simple.
I think I have a lot to learn from this boy.

Please pray for the complete recovery of our son. Thank you to all those who have been praying, messaging and sending cards and parcels. We so appreciate your concern.

I've also set up a Gofundme campaign as a special surprise for when he can finally come home. Any donation is greatly appreciated.


Nanna Chel said...

Dear me, awful for your boy and the rest of the family! I will definitely be praying for him that he has a full recovery.

Emma - a simple living journey said...

Kelly, I have been following along on fb and holding you all in my prayers. He sounds like a wise and courageous young man. Much love to you all. Xx

Sue Elvis said...


I pray that the surgery goes well today and your son has a full and rapid recovery. It's hard witnessing our children's sufferings. I hope that there is joy ahead for all of you as your son regains his health. Sending much love and prayers. xxx

Wendy Manson said...

Oh gosh Kelly, just catching up on some blogs and I am sending much love and prayers your way. I hope your dear son is a lot better soon. Big hugs, Wendy (aka Emeline) NZ

Anonymous said...

I seriously hope your gorgeous boy forgets that this ever happened. Love from Caroline in south australia.x

Stephanie said...

I so hope that your precious son is recovering well. Gentle hugs, Stephanie xx

Ineke said...

This is the firtst time i visit your blog, 2 months after you wrote this post. Hope your son is well now!
Bless you and your family in Jesus name. In Him you will find peace and strength.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you all so much for your kind comments. My son is doing very, very well and is looking forward to studying film and media next year - his passion! God has been so good to us, all praise be to Him!

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