Launching on a new platform

After a lot of research and deliberation, I decided to launch my video classes on a new platform. My Youtube paid subscription channel has been going for a year now, and there have been a whole lot of headaches! Many technical glitches and inconsistencies, viewers being unsubscribed, not able to access after paying, not able to access from certain countries, and the list goes on! Almost daily, I get messages from subscribers having problems with the channel, I had to find a better way. So, you can now find my classes on Teachable. This is great news for a few reasons:

*You have the option of subscribing for a full year or monthly.

*You have the option of just purchasing individual classes rather than a full subscription. Each individual class also comes with a printable PDF pattern with full instructions and photos to compliment the video class. You can't go wrong with all that information!

*You can subscribe or purchase a class from anywhere in the world.

*You can view your classes on a computer or device, it is available across all platforms.

The Youtube platform will continue to run for those who prefer to use it. Youtube has been the perfect viewing platform for many people, so that will not change. I will continue to upload videos to the Youtube platform as well. I just needed to give other options for those who need it. 

How about you hop over and check out the new platform? Yes, it's different to Youtube but I hope you find it easy to navigate and use.  

I still have plenty of work to do there and will continue to update and improve over the coming weeks, so keep watching. It's easy to keep an eye on my Teachable "school" by joining and logging in - you don't need to purchase a class or subscription to join and be updated when new content is available.
I hope to see you there!


Rebecca Neef said...

Hi Kelly. How about a link to your Teachable classes? When I Google it all I get is stuff telling how to build and sell a class, but nothing about how to enroll in one.i have loved both you YouTube channels.

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Rebecca, the link I've left in the text works for me, it should take you straight to my school. This is the link:

alison room said...

Kellying I like the uncluttered look of the teachable site
and the clearer options for viewing and printing the series of tutorials
but as i am a new you tube paid subscriber is there a way to access the files on teachable instead without paying again
..or an I missing so thing cheers

alison room said...

can you access as a you tube subscrber as I much prefer the uncluttered layout on teachable site

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Alison,
Unfortunately Youtube subscriptions are not transferrable to Teachable (I wish they were!) I agree that Teachable has a great layout and is easy to use, I'm loving it. You will still be able to see all the videos on Youtube that you can on Teachable, so my suggestion would be to wait until your Youtube subscription expires and then sign up over at Teachable.

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