Weaving twill towels and a fluffy "assistant"

I've been having a bit of fun with some towels this week. I warped with a natural cotton and threaded for twill. This is just one twill variation.

Once you've threaded in twill, there are a lot of variations to try. This one is extended twill with a black weft.

Straight up twill with a blue weft.

And here we have extended twill with red weft.

This is what I came across this morning. Note the chewed thread in the mouth. I posted this on a weaving group on Facebook and set off a whole series of naughty kitty photos, it was very amusing. It seems that looms are a magnet for cats! Thankfully the cloth was not damaged, I just had to cut the affected thread and start a new one. Could have been a lot worse!


Sue Elvis said...


I'm so glad to hear your cat didn't damage your weaving. How heartbreaking that would have been. I love looking at all your designs. The variations seem endless. I can't see you ever getting bored with weaving. Always something new to try! Are you making a video about weaving twill towels?

Nanna Chel said...

Kelly your cat probably thought it was some kind of hammock. LOL! Such a cute photo!

Kelly Casanova said...

I agree Sue, I don't think I will ever get bored, hopefully I just get really, really good!
No video for this one, this is my newer table loom and I'm not confident enough with it to do lessons for it yet.

Kelly Casanova said...

He is so cute Nanna Chel and he looked like he would be quite happy to have a hammock like that!

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