The Simple Life

It's quite a popular topic nowadays, the "simple life" and how to obtain it. Do some people spend so much time pursuing this so called simplicity and their ideal of what that is that they miss the point entirely? 

Is the simple life about living the dream or living the reality? The dream for me is a country property and earning a good income through a  handmade business. The reality is suburbia, traffic, very little time to devote to a business of any kind and a very limited budget. But that's not the point, right? 

The point is, what can I do right now to live the simple life given my circumstances? 

I was pondering the simple life and what simplicity means to me. It occurred to me that one of the most rewarding parts of simple living is that you can take very little and turn it into something 

Home made bread for example. Usually 4 ingredients. Inexpensive, ordinary ingredients. Add time, love, technique and you have something awesome.

Weaving is another example. With threads and a loom I can make the most beautiful variety of things.

Soap making? Once again, very few ingredients. A bit of time and attention and you have a whole batch of creamy, natural soap for your family.

That property in the country may or may not ever happen, in the meantime I will try to be grateful for all I have and all I can do. And if it does happen, I guess I'll be well prepared :)


Nanna Chel said...

Well Kelly, as long as you can make soap all will be well. Ha ha! Couldn't help that :-)Love your photos.

Kelly Casanova said...

Yes of course, the soap! :)

Sue Elvis said...


Some years ago, we headed off on a simple life adventure. We spent 6 months on a 100 acre bush property. Things didn't turn out as expected. We had no water because of the drought. The soil was very poor. Our dog was in danger of escaping through the poor fences and the next door neighbour threatened to shoot her. For us, a simple life in the country was a big mistake. However, I do like your simple living idea. Taking very little and turning it into something special... I could do that!

I love all your photos. Your soap looks good enough to eat!

Kelly Casanova said...

It's true that we can look at such things with rose coloured glasses and the reality can be quite different. You are still in the country though, just in a more residential setting, you are so blessed to live in such a beautiful spot :)

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