Hand woven hand towel sets

These are what has been keeping my loom busy recently. Quite a lot of work, but worth the trouble!

Each set is woven with Australian cotton and included a hand towel and face washer.

I had the idea of doing gift sets for a while but wasn't sure about the execution. I wanted them to be lofty and luxurious, so I doubled the warp threads for the towels and it worked a treat!

I wove mostly in waffle weave, adding the texture and aesthetic appeal I was hoping for. I have a tutorial for working waffle weave here.  This tutorial is now also on Rigid Heddle Weaving.com

These are a few extra face washers and teapot rests, I just love the colours and textures.

The towel sets are available in my Etsy shop now.


Sugar Pie said...

Oh WOW !!! Kelly, they are LOVELY !!!
I watched your video tutorials on the weekend & thoroughly enjoyed them, you did a great job explaining things, thank you.
Have a great week,
God Bless,

Sue Elvis said...

Beautiful Kelly! I think these would make delightful gifts! I haven't yet watched your video, but I'm going to. What a great idea. I'm sure your tutorial will help a lot of people. Even though I don't intend to weave, I'm still interested in seeing how you make all your very special items.

Sophie said...

These look really nice and soft. They're almost to good to use.
I just watched your video. It was amazing to see how weaving is actually done. I now wish I had a loom to weave on, it looks like fun!

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you so much Robyn, I hope you have a blessed week too :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sue, it did occur to me that even though not everyone weaves, many are interested in seeing how a loom works, it can be hard to fathom until you see it in action.

Kelly Casanova said...

I'm glad you found it so interesting Sophie! There are many different types of looms and some are more affordable and simple than others, so if you ever do want to have a go I can advise you on types of looms.

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