Debt free habits

I love being debt free. I really do. I also love to help and inspire others to become debt free or at least to change their financial situation for the better. 

I have plenty of other posts here filed under frugal living but here are a few more thoughts and recommendations:

Stop spending so much on what you can't see.  
Electricity, gas, and water may be essentials of daily life, but because we don't really see what we're spending until we're hit with the nasty bill, it's easy to let this area slip. Longer showers, leaving the heating or cooling on longer than is necessary, not bothering to make an effort to water save - all these things can end up costing hundreds of dollars more than you need to every year.

Have a plan. 
Write it down. Know what you want your finances to look like and what you need to do to achieve it. Make it realistic and achievable. Then stick to it.

De clutter. 
This is a very valuable activity - not only does it make your home tidier and more spacious, it also shows you how much you spend on what you don't need. Once you have seriously decluttered, make a commitment to not buy rubbish you don't need!

Change your mindset. 
You don't have to give expensive birthday gifts, you don't have to have the best or the latest, you don't need every gadget. If you are not prepared to simply stop buying, at least change the way you buy. Give handmade gifts instead or buy at sales. 

Set yourself apart
You don't have to keep up with anyone or prove yourself through the things you buy. Sure, the guy who drives past in his shiny red Ferrari looks impressive, but he should be pitied, can you imagine the level of his debt? Just because you're a woman doesn't mean you need lots of shoes or handbags or the latest fashion. Set your own standards and forget the rest.

Reality check
The end. You can't take stuff with you when you die. 

You may be gone, but your debt carries on. Who is going to pay off your credit card in the event of your death? How big is your mortgage and who will that fall to when you're gone? You are responsible for your spending but the consequences of your debt can affect others in a major way.


Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, it is lovely not to have any debt I must admit. I do feel sorry for young people today who have such huge mortgages to pay off. You have some good tips there.

sharine said...

Great advice. We have just had a major declutter and it feels so good:)

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