My favourite place at home

Rhonda from the Down to Earth blog has been showing her favourite place at her home and has invited readers to do the same, so I thought I would join in!

This is what I call my studio, but in reality is a corner of our second  living room. We are very blessed to have two living rooms. It is right next to a large window, which is important because it's a darkish room. 

This little space houses my sewing machines, weaving loom and spinning wheel as well as a lot of odds and ends that are regularly used. The less regularly used things are put away in various hidey holes around the house.

What I love about this space is that it's mine! That's not to say that the table is not a dumping ground for all things that "need fixing" (oh, so many!) but generally the space is reserved exclusively for my creative work. It's also a functional and versatile space. I couldn't list the number of things that I do here, but with my love of fibre and textile arts, you can probably use your imagination :)

Yes, I dream of having a larger space or a proper studio one day (there is the issue of where my next loom is going to go!) but I am so grateful to have a dedicated space where I can find what I need and don't have to move things around too much. 

I'm looking forward to seeing your favourite spaces too. I must confess, Rhonda's front verandah looks like a dream come true! 


Nanette said...

Hello, I'm visiting from Rhonda's blog.....I love your little creative space Kelly and am very envious of your vintage table!! I'm going to take a look around your blog now, it looks like you have some similar interests to mine. Thanks for sharing your favourite space with us.

Selina B said...

just popped over from rhondas' blog too
love your favourite space! the vintage table is similar to mine, except mine is green & in need of a bit more TLC (saved from being dumped a long time ago)
never tried to spin or weave maybe one day
looks very relaxing in your beautiful sunny space!
thanx for sharing

Kelly Casanova said...

Hello and thank you so much for stopping by!

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Selina!
The table actually sat in my parent's in law's shearing shed for many years, I can only guess how many smokos were served on it :)

Calidore said...

Like others I have popped over from Rhonda's blog. I was so excited to see you had a spinning wheel and a loom!!! This is coming from someone who has three spinning wheels and one small I too have a table in my craft room that is a dumping ground for anything and everything but despite that it is lovely to have a dedicated space just to play. Thank you for sharing your story and your photos.

Kelly Casanova said...

Calidore, thank you for stopping by :)
I'm pretty happy with just one wheel but must confess I've just ordered another loom!

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